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  • Crystal Clear Punchbowl Falls, Oregon

  • Negroni 2 tbsps gin 2 tbsps Campari 2 tbsps sweet vermouth 1 Orange Twist For a winter variation use Averna Amaro instead of Campari and flamed orange for garnish.

  • Tortas Los Picudos - Mission, San Francisco - Such good smoothies!

  • Philippe Apeloig. An American in Paris, Théâtre du Chatelet

  • ▶ New Peanut Butter Cheerios presents: #HowToDad - YouTube

  • Articolare Restaurant Brand Identity.

  • Grid System / Tumblr Tuesday Poster 06

  • Owls

  • Benny Arts

  • Sweet potato, kale and chicken bake with white cheese sauce.

  • {Chocolate chip peanut butter cookies with sea salt.}

  • {Italian 'drunken' noodles with sausage and caramelised onions.}

  • Spicy stir-fried kale with coconut and rice

  • Grilled Rib Eye with Paprika Vinaigrette Recipe - Bon Appétit

  • Let’s fly — The Message — Medium

  • markgowing_formist_20200

Pinterest Interaction Design

Pinterest is a place for you to collect and organize the things you love.

As part of the Creative team, I help design products and experiences across Pinterest's web and mobile clients. As the first product designer, I've touched almost every part of the Pinterest product at some point or another.

Most recently, I was the lead designer on Place Pins, a product to help pinners discover and explore the world around them. Place Pins was a huge product led by a very small team, and we launched simultaneously on iPhone, Android and Web in November of 2013. Later, I also designed the iPad version.

Before that, I worked on Rich Pins, which makes pins from across the internet more useful by pulling in metadata from a pin's source website. At launch, we supported recipes, movies, and products, but later added support for articles and the aforementioned Place Pins.

I also worked on the first version of our Web Analytics, a product that aims to help domain owners understand how their content is being distributed through Pinterest's ecosystem. The interface is purposefully as simple as possible, and focused on communicating analytics data through content instead of through numbers.

Secret Boards is a way for pinners to keep track of holiday gifts, plan a special event, or work on projects they aren't ready to share with the rest of the world. I designed the system and implementation across all platforms.

I also designed the new Pinterest profiles, as well as Pinterest Mobile, an HTML5 version of the site for mobile devices that I also developed. Beyond these, I've worked on various other parts of the product, including initial versions of the iPad app, our first HTML email template system, and more across desktop and mobile platforms.